we are holly bernt band

“Take a look at me now” - Official Video

The Holly Bernt Band is an americana - rock fusion with a lot of soul mixed in. Hailing from Detroit MI, their original songs invite the listener to partake in the many nostalgic memories and life experiences of singer/ songwriter Holly Bernt.

Joined by guitarist Jimmy Dixon and drummer Max Bauhof, this soulful trio has the unique ability to fuse their strong enthusiasm and personality with a memorable sound that's easy to listen to.

Musically, they create songs that are relatable and accessible to a wider audience bringing people to places that are subconsciously and consciously reminiscent. Instrumentally this trio is a tight nit force of musical eloquence that leaves audience members delighted and entertained. 

Vocals, Guitar / Holly Bernt
Guitar / Jimmy Dixon
Drums / Max Bauhof